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We leverage our combined resources and networks to ensure the Economic Viability of R4 members through corporate sponsorship, grants, and collaborative fundraising initiatives.

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Golden Willow Retreat, located just outside of Taos, New Mexico, at the foot of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains, provides counseling, education and support nationally and locally to individuals, families and communities experiencing grief & loss.

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“The Mission Continues challenges veterans to serve and lead in communities across America. They operate with a deep belief that veterans are assets who have the potential to make our communities stronger.”

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Based in Atlanta, Ga., the Jacoby Group of Companies is focused on real estate, education, energy and healthcare – all with an emphasis on sustaining the environment and seeking solutions for tomorrow’s generations.

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The Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Services (Dixon Center) is an advocacy resource for advice, information, and best practices in championing military service and community outreach. Partnering with non-profit community support organizations like Easter Seals, the Dixon Center promotes the best use of resources and community support to ensure…