Dixon Center

The Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Services (Dixon Center) is an advocacy resource for advice, information, and best practices in championing military service and community outreach. Partnering with non-profit community support organizations like Easter Seals, the Dixon Center promotes the best use of resources and community support to ensure reintegration and success in civilian, family and community life through employment, education and health services.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Staff Sergeant Donnie D. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Service.

The Dixon Center aspires to be the pre-eminent resource for spirited discussion, relevant advice and consultation, and a recognized focal point for change by, first and foremost, those who have served, along with those who benefit from their sacrifice and now share a community. A myriad of interests, stakeholders, and decision-makers identified for engagement include: employers, service providers, faith-based leaders, government officials, labor leaders, educators, philanthropists, foundation executives, and members of the media. It is a clearinghouse for ideas, strategies, and best practices that facilitate understanding, alignment, action and advocacy to more efficiently and effectively enlist and organize needed services, supports and opportunities.

The Dixon Center’s distinct purpose, outreach and impact is enhanced by a close partnership with Easter Seals, a national nonprofit community-based organization that has provided direct services to the military and veterans communities since World War II. Through Easter Seals and other national, regional, state, and local organizations, the Dixon Center will vet, inform, advise and organize resources to best focus on and promote solutions of importance to the military and veterans communities.