At Gratitude America we understand that legal issues may emerge that require the assistance of an attorney. We have listed a number of organization that can provide you nwith the legal service you need. There is also opportunities for increased access to legal services through Urban Justice Centers, City Bar Justice Centers, local Law Schools, and similar agencies providing free legal services to veterans and families.

  • Lawyers Serving Warriors – New website for veterans who need legal representation regarding war related issues. Has a tab that says “request free legal help”.
  • National Veterans Legal Services Program – NVLSP is an independent, nonprofit, veterans service organization dedicated to ensuring that the U.S. government honors its commitment to our veterans and the parent organization for Lawyers Serving Warriors.
  • The Veterans Consortium: Pro Bono Program –  This group of volunteer legal advisors will review your BVA decision and VA claims file if you meet certain criteria. Go to “what we do” on the site for more information. There are also good links that may assist veterans who are filing a claim.
  • Veterans for Common Sense’s – Their mission is to raise the unique and powerful voices of veterans so that our military, veterans, freedom, and national security are protected and enhanced, for ourselves and for future generations.